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Finest products from wool from happy Devon sheep

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Welcome to Shepherd’s Delight

Shepherd's Delight wool is straight off the backs of my flock of sheep, who freely roam the pastures at Wallon Farm grazing contentedly while growing the wool crop. They produce a truly natural and sustainable supply of quality fibre and whilst they nibble away, they also help conserve the beautiful countryside around this quiet corner of the Dartmoor National Park.

Real wool is the most useful and versatile fabric known to man. With inherent properties of insulation against heat and cold, clothes made from it can absorb large amounts of moisture without feeling wet. It is hard-wearing, long-lasting and easily repels stains and dirt.

Buying my wool helps to support the British wool industry in manufacturing products that last and are not ‘here today and gone tomorrow’. Wool provides warmth and comfort, it’s hard-wearing and lasts a long time when properly cared for.

I love my sheeps’ wool and hope you will too.

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