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Shepherd's Delight wool is straight off the backs of my flock of sheep, who freely roam the pastures at Wallon Farm grazing contentedly while growing the wool crop. They produce a truly natural and sustainable supply of quality fibre and whilst they nibble away, they also help conserve the beautiful countryside around this quiet corner of the Dartmoor National Park.

Real wool is the most useful and versatile fabric known to man. With inherent properties of insulation against heat and cold, clothes made from it can absorb large amounts of moisture without feeling wet. It is hard-wearing, long-lasting and easily repels stains and dirt.

The unique characteristics of wool


With a high degree of crimp, British wool tends to be springier and more elastic than wool from other parts of the world so garments made from such wools wear well, resist creasing and rapidly regain their shape after being compressed.


Because I have a flock of British coloured sheep, their wools come an array of white, brown and various shades of grey. By careful selection of different types and colours, the spinners can produce yarns and designs in a range of totally natural colours without the use of chemical dyes.

Weather resistance

My native breed sheep live and thrive in a county with a relatively high rainfall and have developed fleeces which will shed rain instead of absorbing it. This makes their wool valuable for use in outdoor garments where the wearer needs a warm covering that will resist cold and wet weather.

Wool is wonderful stuff

No synthetic fibre can outweigh the benefits of wool in its natural form. With remarkable versatility, wear resistance and superb insulating properties, it has the extraordinary capability of absorbing 30% or its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It works for the sheep, and it can work for you too.

When only the best will do

Wool remains the premium product for people who will only settle for the best. And the woven throws and blankets created from our own wool are heritage items in themselves, made to last and hand down as heirlooms for future generations.

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