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Jacob Sheep

With coats of many colours

Jacob Sheep

Jacob sheep originated in Syria 3000 years ago, migrating through North Africa, Sicily and Spain before arriving in England in the 18th century to grace the parks of large country estates. The breed was named after the biblical Jacob famed for his ‘coat of many colours’. Both sexes are horned. They were on the Rare Breeds list in the sixties but enthusiasts revived the breed so they are no longer under threat of extinction.

Jacob sheep are hardy and resilient to adverse weather conditions so equally suited to hill or lowland pastures.

Jacob Sheep

Their life expectancy exceeds that of many other breeds. The ewes are prolific and lamb easily, rarely needing assistance.

They are very good mothers and will give enough milk to raise triplets easily. The lambs are vigorous with an exceptional ‘will to live’.

Their fleeces produce good quality demi-lustre wool, much sought after by spinners and weavers because of their natural colour variation and spinning qualities. Wool averages about 34 microns in fibre diameter and is 3 - 4” long. And if you do want to eat them, Jacob meat is lean, tender and succulent with a distinctive flavour.

Jacob sheep are handsome, hardy and easy to handle, so it is no wonder they are so popular with smallholders. They have produced wonderful naturally coloured wool for Shepherd's Delight throws for many years and have been a pleasure to look after. The flock here is now much diminished but there are still a few throws and some yarn for sale, but as they say 'once it's gone, it's gone!'.

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