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From sheep to shop

How it gets from them to you

There are quite a few people involved in getting my wool from the sheep to the shop and they are all in Great Britain.

1. The Farmer – that’s me. The Wallon flock of naturally-coloured sheep are raised to the best welfare standards grazing pastures in the Dartmoor National Park.

2. The Shearer – who clips our flock every year to harvest their fantastic fleeces

3. The Scouring Plants – the first in Dewsbury, Yorkshire where our raw fleeces are washed to remove all the dirt and debris, then dried and baled ready for the next process. Chadwicks have unbeatable environmental credentials satisfying stringent regulations including ISO14001:2004 as well as Soil Association accreditation. Their modern plant’s full effluent treatment ensures no harmful chemicals are released into the environment. Another mill in Bradford scours and softens the spun knitting yarn.

4. The Spinner – New Lanark Mill cards, spins and plies the clean wool into yarn using traditional machinery at a World Heritage Centre Mill. All our wool is naturally coloured and produced without the use of harmful chemical dyes.

5. The Baller – the spun knitting yarn goes back to another company in Yorkshire to be washed and softened before winding into balls ready for labelling.

6. The Weaver – wool destined for weaving is transported to either Anthony Haines Textiles in Selkirk or Drove Weaving in Langholm, Dumfries where it is made into our beautiful throws.

7. The Finishers – Schofields in Galashiels who wash, tease and brush our woven throws.

8. The labelling companies – one in Wales who make our woven throw labels, another in Galashiels who sews them on.

9. The Transport Companies – who drive our wool to the various process destinations.

10. The Printer – all our yarn labels are produced by Devon printers.

By purchasing my wool you are not only supporting the British woollen industry and associated businesses, you are also supporting the Flock. All our sheep are raised for wool so by purchasing the woollen products you are safeguarding their future.

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