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The Wallon Flock of Coloured Sheep...

Where wool weaves its magic

And it all starts with the sheep…

Owned and managed by Kate Steed, the Wallon Flock are naturally grass-reared to the best welfare standards. The sheep live out for as much of the year as is practical and in winter are fed on home-grown hay and haylage. They are housed when the weather is at its worst in a spacious newly-built barn on a deep, clean straw bed. The farm is run without the use of agro-chemicals but I choose to vaccinate and worm my stock and want to cure sickness with the best treatment available therefore not totally organic.

Eco-friendly quality wool

I love my sheep and look after them to the best of my ability and their good health is reflected in the quality of the wool they produce.

I am very eco-conscious so gain a great satisfaction from producing a sustainable fibre which is naturally-coloured and created without the use of harmful chemical dyes. All my woollen products are made in the UK with the lowest carbon footprint possible. And by using British craftsmen I hope to help keep alive the traditions of a woollen industry which is rapidly disappearing from our shores.

My sheep are kept entirely for their wool and live out their days grazing the beautiful countryside of the Dartmoor National Park. The money raised from selling their wool and other sheep-related products goes entirely back into the flock to maintain their quality of life.

The coloured Bluefaced Leicesters now make up the majority of my flock along with a few Jacob and crossbred sheep, most of which I have bred myself. The sheep are what makes my woollen products what they are – warm, cosy, original and, like the sheep, full of character. From their fleeces comes my fabric.

Pure bred Jacob Sheep
Blue Faced Leicester Sheep
Coloured and White Crossbred Sheep

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